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the battle begins

well, one month left til the final exams.
I try to learn as much as i can but the demons of
distraction and waste of time are fierce enemys
and im not very experienced in fighting them so Im going down ^^'
 Therefore i learn way less then i should
gotta really wonder how this will end up :D 

1.2.07 22:32

2007 is here

well the new year started

wish you all a happy new year^^

i for myself gotta enslave myself to the

school leaving examination (abitur)

means year is starting with learning in the holidays X.X'

but at least there is hope -its the last year so i just gotta make the final

spurt. After that i will be FREE, no learning for like a year and a whole

lot of freetime :D

So im cought between the fear of the exams and the anticipation of the

coming time after the exams anyway i gotta go

-the books are calling :]


1.1.07 14:46

more pictures

more pictures shall come final stage will be a xmas banner^o^

18.12.06 23:13

the update:

Here comes like promised the update
Im still not really satisfied with the result
but i think it looks still alot better
then my first version^^

comment pls

5.12.06 19:31


hey i got a new project

im working on a landscape picture

its not done now but heres how far i come for now.

i promise it will get better :]

thursday shall come a big update

Image Hosted by

28.11.06 22:10

first art

well i recently got a grapic-tablet and did some
training with it
here is the first picture of which i can say its not
totally crap
ironicaly the motif itself is weird XD
it should originally become a mordern undeath pirate
afterwards i would say Im to much influenced by warhammer 40k^^'

comment please -would like to know where i still have to improve:]

19.11.06 18:23

thanks to

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